Tree Map

Please find below, a link to download tree and other information about De Waal Park:

Please find a link to download the self-guiding map to De Waal Park’s trees below:

The idea of a self-guiding tree tour map brochure was developed by us during the Covid lock-down to enable individuals to undertake by themselves a tree tour of a manageable number (38 fitted nicely onto an A4 page) of the 140 tree species in the park. The complete tree list is available on request.

Every year the Friends of De Waal Park & the City buy and plant indigenous trees to replace the older non-South African trees as they die off, to increase our variety of species in this unique setting. And we take care not to select trees that could be hosts to the Polyphagous Shot Hole Beetle (PSHB) = Stompkopkewer (Euwallacea fornicatus).

More than 250 trees in De Waal Park have been labelled with tree tags.

Guided tree walks are done in the late afternoon (after 17h00). Please email if you would like to attend one.